Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blogging my way out of catastrophe....

This is a "blog-lite" posting today. Just an attempt to get my feet back in the water and get inspired to post again. I've been overwhelmed with stress, unchecked emotions, and illness lately and the thought of writing has seemed insurmountable. "I'm too worn out" or "I won't be able to be creative enough right now". How silly. It's just writing. Do you build things up to ridiculous proportions in your own mind too? I love this quote from Mark Twain, "I've suffered a great many catastrophes in my life. Most of them never happened."

We humans are so talented at manufacturing hurdles for ourselves out of nothing. I try to catch myself doing this nowadays but it is insidious. The antidote of course is to just be real and present in this breath and moment. Because the past is done and the future will unfold as it will, but THIS moment is the one that we can give ourselves to wholly... again and again. This moment is very likely not filled with catastrophe at all, just space and mindfulness. Instead, it is pregnant with potential.

I invite you to look into your own life for things you worry about that have little or no basis in reality. I'd be so interested to hear your opinions on this or any other topic.

Wishing you a beautiful moment,



Kristina P. said...

Hang in there! You will find your footing again.

Rachel @ SuburbanYogini said...

Looking forward to your imminent return to the blogosphere!

bodaat said...

still thinking about my response...don't want you to think i'm ignoring you!

yogurt said...

I love the Twain quote! I haven't read much of his writing, outside of the required Huck and Tom. I used to be a chronic worrier. This is one area I have been successful at "psychologist, heal thyself." When I catch myself worrying, I look for things I can DO that will help prevent the imagined calamity. Wear seat belts. Drive more safely - put down the cell phone. Slow down. After I've done whatever I can, then it's time to let it go. Because too much worry can potentially create, certainly invite, catastrophe. And worry does not prevent the problem. So.. with these counter-acting thoughts, I've been able to give myself a lot more worry-free mental space.

Ok, off my soap box. Yes, I do still worry about my lapses in ideas for writing. And avoid my blog. But then I just wait and some kind of inspiration usually shows up.