Wednesday, December 16, 2009

End of my blog

I will not be using this blog after being served with a cease and desist letter today by someone who has trademarked the name Yoga Petals. I'm sad to lose all of my friends here but I'll try to start anew soon. Right now I'm just deeply saddened that another member of the yoga community is feeling threatened by my use of a term that to me means simply being open and receptive to the beauty of your body. For the record, I've never made one penny out of PetalsYoga. I'll leave this up just long enough for my friends to read and then the whole blog will come down.

Wishing you all peace and love,



Kristina P. said...

WHAT?!?!? Are you kidding? How ridiculous. You can change your blog name and change your address without actually losing anyone.

Anonymous said...

I am stunned! How ridiculous! I better not write any more in case I accidently string together some words that have been trademarked already!! Thank you for letting us know. I know how important my blog and bloggy friends have become to me .... so it will be heartbreaking for you to have to start again :o( We will be back ..... let us all know your new blogspot address!

Hugs, peace and love, A xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel said...

The yoga world is unfortunately full of some of the biggest egos I have ever met.

As Kristina says you can change both the blog name and address without losing your friends. You just reset your settings.

Hope you are back and blogging again soon x

Deanna said...

How sad! That is ridiculous. I'll keep following - no matter where you end up.

Emma said...

one of my least favorite things on earth: copyrighting in this way. are they serious? yuck

Samantha korgs said...

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